CSS 121005:212625+201948 campaign update‏‏‏ – Oct 10‏

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Jeremy Shears

Time for a brief update. In my previous note I mentioned there was a long outburst from Sept 7 to 19. The star was then in quiescence until earlier this week, when it was found on Oct 8 at mag 16.3C. This was one of its brief outbursts, lasting no more than 2 days. Last night (Oct 9) it was back at quiescence again. I still expect a long outburst in early November, but this is by no means certain. Further monitoring is still requested to see if this materialises “on time” and how many brief outbursts there are in the meantime. We need dense coverage (preferably nightly) to be able to discern the brief outbursts and to spot the beginning of a long outburst – an event which would prompt time-resolved photometry. I would like to thank the people who have contributed data so far. I review data in both the BAA VSS and AAVSO databases regularly, which include observations by Ian Miller, Roger Pickard, Kenneth Menzies, Juan-Luis Gonzalez Carballo, David Boyd, Richard Sargent and Richard Sabo. Apologies if I have missed anybody. Go well! Jeremy