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Robin Leadbeater

Here is some feedback from Paul Roche concerning the drop in V mag and evolution of the H alpha emission line. Please keep an eye on the spectra in the BAA database and if there has not been an observation for a week or two consider taking one.



Feedback from Paul Roche 20-11-2019

It certainly looks like behaviour similar to that prior to previous disc-loss events (weakening H alpha, fading V mag). It would be interesting to see if system is becoming bluer as well, as tends to happen when the red circumstellar disc dissipates.  I’d be particularly interested in any infrared observations (I band, or even JHK bands – although that’s getting very tricky!), as that’s another good probe of the extent of the circumstellar disc.

There’s nothing much happening in X-rays at the moment as far as I can see, but I’d like to keep an eye on as many wavelengths as possible as we typically see an interaction between the neutron star and the disc material if the disc expands/moves outward and reaches the (wide) NS orbit eventually (assuming the disc material is being expelled outwards from the star… if it “collapses inwards”, we won’t see any interaction and the NS will continue it’s gradual spin-down).

It’s hard to predict when the H alpha emission will disappear (if it does…) and the normal B-star absorption becomes visible again, but weekly observations are fine for now. If it appears that the decrease in H alpha EW is accelerating, it would be worth trying to increase cadence to every couple of days to capture those final stages.