Getting up to speed.

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Tony Rodda

V.useful Robin many thanks. Received my Aply600 a couple of weeks ago and I’m familiarising myself with it – and with ISIS.

(Although at the moment I’m having more success with BASS).

I’ve ditched my QHY5 guider in favour of a Lodestar which seems up to the job.  Its now a case of optimising the platform.  C925 With 0.63fr and Atik460.  Lots of success with brighter objects.

I can identify (and track) targets to the mags you outline but the biggest challenge is just finding the slit to put those faint objects in!  Frustrating when you take a long exposure for a faint star only to find it’s not quite “in the grove”.

I’ll start posting ‘first efforts’ asap.

See you at the workshop later this month?