The grounds for the rejection were….

“The proposal, by virtue of its siting and design, presents a form of development considered to cause ‘less than substantial’ harm to the setting of the Conservation Area and the Grade II listed building. In the absence of any overriding public benefits to overcome this identified ‘less than substantial’ harm, the proposed development is contrary to guidance within Chapters 12 and 16 of the National Planning Policy Framework (July 2018) and Policies EQ2 and EQ3 of the South Somerset Local Plan (2006-2028)”

They basically thought it was an inappropriate structure (modern fibre glass) within the grounds of a listed building. I’ve reapplied taking into account the conservation officers recommendations.

My new application has been virtually given the go ahead by the conservation officer and planning officer but the District Councillor who is also a neighbour is raising an objection. No neighbour objections were raised in first application and only at the 11th hour