Happy New Year, everybody.

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Dominic Ford

Happy New Year, everybody.

My Pi Gazing meteor cameras monitor sky clarity in Cambridge by taking one-minute stacks (with a Watec 902H2 Ultimate) every four minutes and counting how many stars they can see. In good conditions, the images go down to mag ~6.

The bar charts below show the number of days in each month when my automated system thought it was clear.

Amber means there were at least 7 images with 800 stars visible (mirky conditions for 30 minutes). Green means there were at least 15 images with 1000 stars visible (good conditions for an hour). I invented these thresholds mostly at random.

I’m sure these figures are somewhat dependent on when I last cleaned the cobwebs off the cameras.

Interesting, the autumn doesn’t appear so bad here, though most of the clear skies have been at 4am.