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Denis Buczynski

Hello all, Very interesting to read everyone’s selections. I am sure the same books will come up time and time again. Here is my rather long list ( not that I am well read)
Hutchinsons Splendour of the Heavens
The Larousse Encyclopedia of Astronomy
Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes(2 vols)
Amateur Telescope Making (3 vols)
100 years of Astronomy ( Waterfield)
The Amateur Astronomer (Moore)
Constellations (Rukl)
Nortons Star Atlas (1950 and 2000)
The Planet Saturn History of Observations etc( Alexander)
History of the Harvard College Observatory (Jones and Boyd)
Starlight Nights (Peltier)
History of the Telescope (King)
Analysis of Starlight (Hearnshaw)
Planet X and Pluto (Hoyt)
Cometography (Kronk 5 vols)
Burhams Celestial Handbooks ( 3 vols)
The Messier Album (Mallas and Kreimer)
Astronomical Scrapbook (Ashbrook)
Sorry it is so long, there are many more!
Denis Buczynski