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Andy Wilson

Hi Alla,

Hopefully someone with specific knowledge of your setup will respond, but I thought I’d give a few general pointers.

You’ve not mentioned whether you have been able to polar align your mount. With that type of telescope mounting the first step is to get the polar axis aligned. From the look of it, that mounting has a polar scope to help get good alignment.

Then you typically go through a one or two star alignment, where you need to know a few bright stars.

I’ve found even with aligned GoTo telscopes, they won’t always get your selected object in the eyepiece. Sometimes they are spot on, but otherwise they’ll get it close and you then need to look around a bit, usually with the help of the finderscope.

If you don’t find someone to visit, then you may have a local astronomy society who can help. Looking on our page of Local Societies affiliated to the BAA, I see there is a North Essex Society.

I’m not sure how far they are from you. During normal times, some local societies hold telescope workshops or star parties, where you could get some help.

Best wishes,