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Dominic Ford

Hey folks,

I’m afraid the university / academic sector is taking an extremely cautious approach to Covid right now. If you think the IoP is going over-the-top in demanding pre-registration, you should compare it to the situation in Cambridge. Here, there’s no prospect of public events happening on-site before Christmas – today is, in fact, the first day in 18 months we’ve been allowed visitors of any kind in our building.

I know a few organisations have tried polling their membership (as Robin suggests), but generally the polls only show that there’s a huge spectrum of different opinions. So, I’m not sure how useful such a poll would be, especially since the BAA is constrained by restrictions dictated by venues anyway.

I hope the BAA manages to have a face-to-face Christmas meeting (for those who are comfortable with it), but I fear the BAA will find it tricky to find venues for meetings for a little while to come.