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Bill Ward


Yes, definitely increased activity but I didn’t see the huge numbers forecast…

I was surprised that the night was mostly clear, started off sparkling then got a bit foggy before clearing to higher broken cloud. Well pleased with this one.

A nice rocky piece of comet dust, got most lines figured out but as usual a few of the weaker ones are the mysteries, could be any of several metals… I was surprised to see faint emission at 557.7nm, this is usually the preserve of faster meteors, could be related to the size of the meteoroid…?

The others I got were at: 025040, 034541, 054702, 234653, 001036, 032239

All of these were MUCH fainter than the 0640 one!

It’s always seen as a lowly shower but it’s the one that started me on video analysis path.

In my own attempt to replicate the Brandes and Benzenberg experiment of 1798…

This was captured on video tape!

Using UFO Capture.

Two pairs of Ursids and where the two stations were. The height worked out by hand as 109km, +/- a lot!!! ; – )))

2007, a full moon and me and Tom McEwan freezing at the Beith Golf Club Car park during a previous “outburst”,  Happy Days!