Bill Ward


The weather’s been pretty poor here but there were a few breaks over the Lyrid period. I caught a nice spectrum that had, once again, some unusal characteritics. (It’s beginning to look like they’re ALL unusual … 😉 )

This is an instrument corrected spectrum so the blue end is raised to address the loss of sensitivity  at the blue of the silicon sensors. It’s not particularly detailed but it shows relatively “weaker” Fe lines than many of the other spectra captured over the past year. However the Mg line(s) at 517nm is seen to be very strong.

Again, luck was on our side and several of the Nemetoders caputured the same meteor. Alex Pratt ran the observations thorugh the UFO Anaylser and UFO Orbit and this yielded a most unusual orbit. This is by far the most “cometary” sporadic meteor I’ve caught that there’s also an orbit for.

Another outstanding result!.