Yes indeed, the next uranus opposition will be also interresting.

The planet axis will be more turned to earth sothat the geographic pôle will be fully accessible.

Regarding your attached picture, what is remarquable is the absence of a dark geographic pôle. I suppose you had used a deep red filter, may be the 685, sothat this may be the reason why.

However, we can point out the fact that some observers showed a dark pôle or a ring using a 610 and 685 filter.

So could be controversial?

Personnally, the dark pôle was collected but visually. Here an example of drawing performed with a 305mm (was done also through 150-203mm). This is not the same color segment of observation in fact.

As a comment considering the methane rays in uranus atmosphere, mainly, the 619nm orange red, the 750nm around NIR and above, can you consider possible usually the performance of observations using bandpass filters only eg, the tricolor R that covers the 619nm ray, the 685 for the 750nm band and the 742 for above with camera cutting at 1000nm around?

A question for matter of reading the atmosphere of the planet at different depthes.

Your comments about are welcome.