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Hi All,

This document on the NEMETODE website provides recommendations for the various settings (and indeed where some of the difficult to find switches are) on the different versions of Watec 902 (and 910) cameras.

It should be noted that the original Watec 902H is unable to drive the iris on a DC Auto Iris lens (see page 5 of the document). Removing the plug and applying a voltage across the apporpriate wires fuly opens the iris.

For the original Watec 902H I’d recommend keeping the Shutter OFF and experiemnting with the (tiny) AGC switch. Depending on the camera itself (depending on when they were made, there appear to be some differences in design / manufacturing tolerances) and local light pollution levels, some report better images in the HI position while others report LO. The factory default is HI. When used with an Osprey 210 video card, the optimal position is usually LO.

As noted in earlier posts, it’s definitely worth optimising the brightness / contrast settings (usually software sliders).

Hope this helps.