Hi Andy,

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Bill Ward

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the comments and yes I read your spectroscopy thoughts. From my persepctive the answer is yes! In fact I’ve already had some communication with William Stewart of the nemetode group about this. Although this was specifically about meteors.

I’m really pleased that several other observers have now set up meteor spectroscopy systems.

In 7+ years I’m getting close to my target of ~1nm resolution but this has taken continuous upgrades of lenses and gratings as they have become available.

The issue of resolution is important as it dictates what can be done with spectrum. With our low/med resolutions we can look at statistical methods of extracting info but that needs quite a large sample. Hence many more spectrum are needed. This is where a database would be useful but this is also where the various standards of data and reduction processes needs to be addressed. As you say it is also a BIG undertaking and getting the right people might not be easy. It’s quite a commitment to do this sort of thing.

As what I’ve christened “Survey Video Meteor Spectroscopy” is a brand new field it will take a bit more time for the various observers (and I still include myself here as there is lots to do) to find their feet then determine what and where is best to go. I’ve no doubt it’s do-able though!