I accept that I should have

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Tony Angel

I accept that I should have read my emails, journal and the website at the proper time. I will come to the meeting and pay at the door.

One of the things that I used to enjoy with the BAA is that the meeting were cost free with no hidden extras. For most of my membership time costs never affected me personally, but I recognised at the time how good this was for the less well off members – especially the younger ones. It meant that provided they could get to a meeting there were no further costs involved. At least it was not like some organisations where there are compulsary costs like ebtry fees and expensive snacks that you had to pay for, you could just turn up with a pack of bread and jam.  

I will be looking into how to raise this issue of keeping the meetings free to members. Obviously anything held in the RAS rooms are free as no costs are involved apart from perhaps for a cup of tea or coffee to go along with my jam butties.