I followed Robin’s method of

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Tony Rodda

I followed Robin’s method of capturing a series of Miles stars just for practice and instrument response/calibration.

It works well. (Unless, like i did on one occasion, you misidentify a comparison Miles star.  That leads to some head scratching! But reinforces Kevin’s point).

i particularly like the Miles database excel spreadsheet for finding suitable Miles stars.  Very useful.

Kevin, I don’t know if I understand your description above correctly but are you guiding through a guide-scope/camera separate to the Alpy guide module?

If so, I managed to do this down to (above) mag 12 target but only with a fixed setup and considerable patience.  It was also prone to wind, bumps, etc.  A QHY5LII through a 50mm finder/guider would plate solve in SG Pro.  But I then had to manually point to the target for the last few pixels.  I couldn’t get SG Pro to be that accurate.

I now follow accepted practice.  A Lodestar or G3 on the Alpy module.  Can’t plate solve but the field is big and bright enough to find a star.  Actually, I’m at the point where I can find/see far fainter than I can capture usable spectra.  I use the QHY/Finder as a rough ‘first-pass’.