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Jeremy Shears

I have the printed Journal for a few reasons.

1. I’m far more likely to read it. I have a mixture of other publications in either printed or electronic format. I am far more likely to read a printed edition. I tend to forget about a electronic publication. Or I might read a couple of articles, think I will continue another time, but don’t. It’s much easier for me to pickup and put down a printed edition, leaving it by my favourite chair.

2. I find it difficult to take in detail when I read it from a screen; I also absorb more info in printed format.

3. I much prefer the feel of a printed mag or book 

4. Much of my day job is performed on screens. I look for opportunities not to use them when I can

The big advantage of electronic is when I travel. I can read the Journal anywhere on my iPad. But aways have that choice as my non-electronic sub also gives access to the electronic Journal