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    I have an 8″ Samsung Andriod tablet and was wondering whether I should change my membership, in favour of receiving digital copies of the J-BAA?

    How many of you do this?  

    Jeremy Shears

    I have the printed Journal for a few reasons.

    1. I’m far more likely to read it. I have a mixture of other publications in either printed or electronic format. I am far more likely to read a printed edition. I tend to forget about a electronic publication. Or I might read a couple of articles, think I will continue another time, but don’t. It’s much easier for me to pickup and put down a printed edition, leaving it by my favourite chair.

    2. I find it difficult to take in detail when I read it from a screen; I also absorb more info in printed format.

    3. I much prefer the feel of a printed mag or book 

    4. Much of my day job is performed on screens. I look for opportunities not to use them when I can

    The big advantage of electronic is when I travel. I can read the Journal anywhere on my iPad. But aways have that choice as my non-electronic sub also gives access to the electronic Journal 

    Dominic Ford

    As Jeremy says, your paper subscription to the BAA Journal actually already includes access to the electronic version (in PDF format) which you can download here: https://britastro.org/journal

    So, feel free to try reading it on your tablet and see how you get on with it.

    For the record, I switched to an electronic subscription a few years ago when I was living abroad and was anxious not to accumulate too much “stuff”. But Jeremy’s point (1) is absolutely right: I read far less of the Journal now than I used to.

    In case you’re wondering, the December Journal isn’t available electronically yet, as it normally appears online shortly after the paper copies arrive.

    Dr Paul Leyland

    I have the electronic subscription for two main reasons:

    a) I am a cheapskate and it’s cheaper;

    b) I already have far too many chewed trees in each of two houses. Doesn’t stop me collecting more, unfortunately …

    I read both JBAA (and similar publications) formats about equally often and likewise in depth.  There is something immensely comfortable about having a physical artefact, especially one which is much safer to read when lying in a hot bath or a sauna. That said, the portability and physical storage space of a digital version has a lot going for it.

    Horses for courses.

    Nick James

    The JBAA is one of the few journals/periodicals that I continue to get as a physical thing. I’ve been a member of the BAA since 1974 and my run of Journals goes back getting on for 50 years (scary) but still only takes up a couple of metres of shelf space so storage isn’t really an issue. A bit like Jeremy I find that I don’t read digital copy in the same way as physical, its much more a quick scan then store it on the computer to look at another day. I tend to embrace new technology but reading for pleasure is still definitely physical books for me and I feel the same way about the Journal.

    As Dominic says, you have access to the electronic Journal now so can try it and see how it works out.

    John Thorpe

    Currently living in Oz, I value both the print and electronic journals. During covid, the mail has been very slow taking at least a month. So it is great to read on computer, and then have the pleasure of reading all over again once the paper copy arrives. Once I have the paper version, it is a permanent feature by my bedside, permitting me to read, revisit articles, discover bits I missed etc. What better way to relax at the end of the day?

    Michael O’Connell

    I have to agree with the other here and say I enjoy the paper copy.


    Peter Gudgeon

    I have electronic subscription only, mainly because I live abroad, and snail-mail here can vary from a few days until never. With  printed books/magazines I am much more likely to browse through them several times, whereas with an electronic copy it’s usually one initial read and that’s it unless there is a specific article that catches my eye.

    On the other hand, the one or two magazines I do buy in printed form soon build up, then I’m told they make the place look untidy (!) so end up in the bin after a few months. With the pdf files I automatically save them to an archive and can easily recall them later (even when off-line). So while printed copies feel more comfortable, and preferable, the electronic versions are more practical in that within seconds I can read something mention in a copy a few years ago, long after the paper version would have been binned.


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