I think we need to draw the

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Dominic Ford

I think we need to draw the line somewhere. The object tagging need to be good enough to enable observers to search for images of their favourite objects, and BAA Section Directors need to be able to quickly find images that may be of interest to their sections. BAA members do often take images of quite faint / obscure comets and asteroids, and may want to compare them with others. But beyond that, the tagging system should be as simple as possible.

Already a significant fraction of users clearly find the tagging quite tricky to use, and I am typically cleaning up the tagging of several dozen images each week.

The BAA Sections haven’t historically tended to collect large numbers of images of planetary moons.

As it happens, although the asteroid database is indeed large, it was very easy for me to build. I downloaded a copy of Ted Bowell’s database of asteroids, and filtered on objects with more than 10 years of observations and more than 500 observations in Ted’s database. That yields 155,000 asteroids… actually a very manageable number to just stick in a computerised database.

As for comets, I just asked the Comet Section to give me a list. I got a list of 4,000 comets, and they’ve been happy to add new comets themselves as they appear.