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Alan Thomas

Hello Mike

I have had a variety of telescopes over the years. Never having been able to justify to myself (and my wife!) establishing a permanent observatory, all have had to be set-up anew for each observing session. Some have had robust EQ mounts that almost brought on a back problem moving them! Others had GOTO systems which took even more time to operate than the basic setting up.

These telescopes spent a lot of time doing nothing (a familiar problem). In the end, I reverted to simplicity and bought a 200mm Dobsonian. Setting-up takes me a couple of minutes, the OTA is relatively light and manoeuvrable and is stored in a nearby shed. I have spent more time at the eyepiece with this telescope than all my previous instruments put together, mainly because it is so quick and easy to set up..

This will not necessarily prove an ideal choice for imaging. But if you want something easier than your current set-up, something that will increase your observing time and that will not endanger your health, you may like to consider it.

Good luck!