Images from near a holiday resort on Tenerife

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Peter Carson
I hadn’t intended to view the eclipse whilst on holiday in Tenerife but all the publicity got me wanting to see something. The weather looked fairly promising and I did have a BAA eclipse filter in my suitcase (who goes on holiday without one!!) The only problem was the eclipse was due to start at around 07.40hrs which is a bit early for me when on holiday and the resort I was staying in was on the west side of a large rock face. I didn’t have a car so decided to do a spot of early morning exercise and walked up the large hill (nearly a mountain) until I found a location with an easterly view. The cloud was a bit patchy but there were enough holes for me to observe the Sun and record the  event on a small hand held pocket camera used for the holiday snaps!
I enjoyed myself but others thought I was a bit mad……