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Andy Wilson

Hi Roger,

That is an interesting idea. It also occurs to me whether exoplanets might be a good fit within the Variable Star Section? I’m not sure if this is a controversial idea, perhaps as a ‘subsection’? I suggest this as the techniques are the same, since exoplanets are detected via their influence on their host star, causing it to vary in magnitude or radial velocity. As I understand it, amateurs have been able to detect previously discovered exoplanets via both the transit and radial velocity methods, though I think only a handful are within reach of amateur equipment. If there is a new Section, then I think it would be good to have close ties with the Variable Star Section.

Perhaps there are members who have or are actively making observations of exoplanets who could make their views known? Though you may have been in touch with these members.

It is a topic that captures the imagination, so I can see the benefits of the BAA establishing some kind of presence.

Best wishes,