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Andy Wilson

Hi David,

You have already received some great advice for getting started with the links posted by Andrew and Robin. I started out by reading books on the subject, but there is no one book that I would recommend as the best starting point. I can always recommend a few, but you may be able to get all you need from the internet to get going without having to spend money on books.

Starting off with a nice easy target like Vega is definitely the right way to go. I found it took me a few months to learn how to use my setup and get comfortable with the processing, but I was still able to get some pleasing results right from the start. The star analyser is an excellent way to learn. As well as being simple it will also allow you to go fainter than with higher resolution spectrographs, so there are a whole range of targets you can observe.

Good luck and please keep us posted on how you get on.