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Peter Carson

I know someone who uses an Ioptron Smart EQ pro for wide field imaging. It is a very successful set up. The mount is quite light, self contained and will track accurately past the 2 hour limit of an Astrotrac. The Ioptron tripod is a bit flimsy, but my friend uses a camping ground anchor wound into the earth and attaches a”bungy” chord between the anchor and the underside of the mount, that firms it up no end. One of the very annoying features of an Astrotrac or similar trackers is the inability to make fine positional adjustments to frame the picture or infact to find an object when its not near a bright signpost. The Ioptron has a motor drive in RA and Dec and a goto feature which speeds up the framing of a picture. I’ve got an Astrotrac but would have purchased an Ioptron Smart EQ Pro instead if they were around at the time.