Alun Halsey


 I have an observatory but don’t leave the Lhires attached to scope as at times I may use the Alpy or stick a camera on the scope to image 🙂

 The motor focus you linked to is much the same as the one I used to operate the grating adjustment,but the one I have ordered to replace the collimator motor is much smaller…


  I am hoping I can modify the cog wheel covers by removing the large one and still use the top part to cover slot for belt again hoping to do away with the large box I have at the moment. Okay using the bulky motors but they do add extra weight to the unit. 

 Lhires was not harmed in any way during these modifications, no extra holes needed and all can be reverted to original. New replacement door/cover made from a bit of ply made long enough to attach the motor bracket (simply a length of ali bent to 90* angle) Bolt holes countersunk on reverse of cover so as not to foul body of Lhires. For latching down I just copied the original idea and moved it to the far end of the cover (only place it can go to clear belt). Also note the yellow velcro (hook side) on the motor cog, helps to grip the belt. (ignore the standoff nuts holding the bracket,they are all I had in the required size!)