Grant Privett

Evening Owen,

Thanks for the headsup. By chance, just a couple of weeks ago I was talking to Martin about his code. I was lending a hand on his attempt to get the Lodestar running happily on Windows. We were having fun trying to get Pyusb and the sxccd code on github working okay. Seemed to work beautifully on Linux but is not always a happy camper on Windows with problems depending on which USB backend was in use on your system. I think he is taking the ASCOM route (though I may be wrong) which I will be curious to see, but would prefer to avoid.

I must admit that after several problems with different approaches, I may just cheat and write a VB6 32bit non-gui  executable that I can talk to via environmental variables and set that running to take pictures, telling it to stop / reconfigure as needed. I can then shell/spawn/subprocess that from nearly any language I choose and will be okay until Microsoft decide its end of life for 32 bit processes in W10 (hopefully at least 10 years hence). Would still rather do it properly, but am having a terrible time getting there….and, frankly, theres things a lot more fun to do.

Clear sky outside … and 99% full Moon. It was ever thus.