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Peter Carson

My Local Authority is part way through the change over from a mixture of high and low pressure sodium to LED street lighting. I’ve been measuring the sky brightness using a Sky Quality meter, as I’ve done for the past two to three years. In the next 12 to 18 months I will have the facts as to whether LED streelights make my sky brigher or darker. The LED street lights are much better targeted than the lamps they replace, but they illuminate the highway to a level about 2-3 times brighter than the old lights. My local authority is installing a central management system where they can control each lamp individually including dimming each or any light by up to 50%.

I introduced myself to the local authority and am providing them with my light pollution data. They have been very positive and have taken on board many of my suggestions such as adjusting the light fittings so they do not spill light into the sky. They are currently formulating a part night dimming policy and have invited my input.

If your local authority is planning a central management system for the street lights then you should be talking to them so as to influence the lighting control policy …its your chance to control your local night sky.