Jimmy Fraser

Anyway, you’re going to Scotland.
The old country, hey, Macintyre?
Yes, sir!
Virgo is well up this time of year.
I’m talking about the sky, Macintyre.
The constellation of Virgo
is very prominent in the sky now, in Scotland.
I want you to keep an eye on Virgo for me.
Will you do that?
Oh, sure.
This is Virgo. Find the Great Bear,
the Big Dipper, and you can’t miss.
I’m expecting something special from there. I want reports.
– Reports, sir?
– Anything unusual in Virgo.
It might be a new star
or even a shooting star.
I want reports.
Anything out of the ordinary,
you telephone me, night or day.
This is my private number.
You’ll be travelling six hours east…you’ll be ahead.
Think of that.
Do you know what I’m talking about?
I have a general…
You’ll know when you see it.  And you’ll telephone me, OK?
You do know what a comet is, don’t you?
I would if I saw one.
And you’d phone me?
Yes, sir.
Good man. You got the picture.
The northern sky is a beautiful thing, Macintosh.
You’re going to have a wonderful trip.
Thank you, sir.

(Local Hero – Burt Lancaster & Peter Riegert…1983)