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Peter Anderson

From a quick search on the internet, probably the cheapest reasonable unit (around USD$80), is a Meade 56mm Plossl with 52deg field in a 2″barrel unit. So if you crave a long focal length eyepiece for your F10 SCT, then this should do it with an exit pupil of 5.6mm.

Alternatively you could purchase a screw on focal reducer and field flattener. (I have one that lives on the C11 for photography.)  This reduces the focal ratio from F10 to F6.3. and means you would get the same magnification and exit pupil with a 35mm eyepiece and so the standard 32mm Plossl in a 1.25″ tube would still provide a 50 degree field of view and give a large 5.08mm exit pupil. It is swings and roundabouts.