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Ernst Pollmann

Hi Tony and Hugh,
I am just back from the OHP meeting and saw your postings concerning low resolution spectra of VV Cep in the visible spectral range. In principle such a spectra does have also a certain scientific value, no question. In general they could reflect certain flux variations caused by variable mass flow from the super giant to the accretion disk.
But to detect this in the visible spectral range, a very precisely instrumental correction is required. In such a way corrected spectra, should show during the eclipse small continuum variation caused of the mass flow variation of the M star wind.
But again: instrumental correction is here very important.
In addition it should be also possible to detect, the disappearance of the B star (not Be) during the eclipse and its appearance after this event. On the other hand, the more important observations period at present is the eclipse itself and the expected eclipsing-time difference of the blue and red component (not the wings as you said) of Halpha. This is more precisely to detect in high resoluted spectra, taken with the LHIRES  and 2400 L/mm grating. If you can do that, please upload your spectra at the BAA data base. That is the more comfortable way.