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Stewart Moore

Here in Thorpe-le-Soken, (east coast) not far from Nick in Chelmsford, the only cloud was at the start of the partial phase where the first 4 minutes were missed.  There was some concern at the end of totality, but the cloud melted away almost as soon as it had formed.  I found the eclipse very dark (other than the bright southern – IAU – limb). Being colour blind I tend not to comment on colour but my wife, who observed the eclipse with me, thought it ranged from brown to grey to tarnished silver to the colour of dirty washing up water (is that a new colour term?. I continually asked her if it looked red or copper coloured but she said no.

I observed naked eye and with 10×50 bins and even with bins was unable to see Aristarchus.  During totality the Milky Way was very obvious as was a naked eye Messier 31.  Whereas most birds go quiet during a total solar elclipse I was surprised how much noise a pair of Tawny Owls made during totality.  I often hear owls when out observing, but never making this much noise.

All in all an excellent eclipse.