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It is rather surprising that the BAA did not produce a Memoir about this notable event, having produced special publications for the novae of 1901 and 1912. But there was a report in the Journal, and much discussion about who the discoverer was. This report in the Journal however reported only the early observations, and of course the nova was followed by many observers into 1919 and much beyond. When I wrote up my biography of Eliot Merlin for the Journal I included many of his nova observations, made under the clear skies of Volo, Greece. He had a long series of records of the 1918 one, with spectroscopic and colour records, and a copy of all his original data was given to the VSS.

In passing, I wanted to add that I used to know a relative of T.H.Hony of Fowey, the late Mr Viv Hony, for many years a teaching colleague at Oundle School. He taught mathematics and was also a keen amateur astronomer.