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Tim Haymes

To update you Alex, i connected my QHY174m-GPS camera to a  50mm F/3.6 finder. This was from Orion Optics originally but suspect it is a standard design. The instrument was in the polar home position.  I adjusted the three finder alignment screws to bring the pole star a bit nearer the center using an eyepiece, then plugged in the camera. The scope had been parked from the previous nights observing.  I focused the camera and the pole star was at the edge of the CMOS field. Its not necessary to have the pole star detected though.

I went through the routine with ShapCap Pro which is well explained with on-screen popups. The offset was measured from the automatic plate solving as 7′ arc.  This was from a drift alignment originally but i knew it was a bit off. Polar alignment plate solve is build into the routine. Then i moved the scope 90 degress in RA  as requested by Sharpcap.

After making corrections to the alt/az screws the routine reported 1′ arc.  I could have got a bit closer but reckoned I was at the limit of the adjustment screws on the mount. So i settled with this. Now the guiding is very good indeed and gotos are spot on.