my year 2016

Denis Buczynski

Hi all,

I was able to observe on 100 nights over 10 months in 2016. This excludes the months of June and July when the night sky is too bright at 58dN latitude for imaging. I was able to observe 75 individual comets and report 1800 astrometric postions to the MPC. Comets are my main observing interest. I also operate two automatic meteor cameras which work all night every night to produce monthly reports the BAA NEMOTODE network. I image any displays of Aurora and report these to the BAA Aurora Section. During the bright Summer months Noctilucent clouds are observed and imaged an reported. I also use some observing time to make time series observations of HADS stars which I report to the BAA VSS. In addition I image any bright Novae and Supernovae and any bright NEO’s. In all a good year for NE Highland Scotland for my observing year.Recorded rainfall was 713mm for 2016 here at Tarbatness.

Denis Buczynski