N Aql 1918 (V603 Aql)

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Martin Mobberley

Hello Gary,

I think I can identify the Cornish fisherman!

Sir Frank Dyson mentioned a letter received from W.F. Denning about the nova. Denning wrote:
‘It appears that the Nova was seen by Captain Piper, Fowey, on June 7, 12.45 G.M.T. He was watching for meteors, and saw a ‘pretty bright slow one shoot to just under Altair from a bright strange star on the right’. Though familiar with the constellations, he failed to identify it, and saw it again June 8, 9h 18m G.M.T. He thought it some phenomenon with which astronomers must be well acquainted. His observations have been investigated by an amateur astronomer, Mr. Τ.H.L. Hony, Manager of the Fowey Branch of Lloyd’s Bank, and he regards them as absolutely reliable. I must say that I incline to the same view. Captain Piper has been sending me reliable and interesting meteor notes for a long time’.

This is mentioned in JBAA Vol 28 no 8 p237.