Object tagging

Dominic Ford

I think this thread from 2018 got returned to the top of the list of forum topics when Robin edited the web link earlier today, but the content is as timely now as ever.

I would add that the “Objects” box on the image-upload form now allows everybody to tag their images with “Spectrum” and/or “Lightcurve”. You can see all the images that have already been tagged here:


This gives a similar but slightly different collection of images from Robin’s, and most importantly, everybody can tag their own images to add them to these galleries.

The object tagging system is a really useful way to make images searchable, so please do fill it in, even if it seems to be duplicating information already entered elsewhere. However, the text you enter does need to exactly match the name of an object which already exists in the database, so wherever possible you should enter the first few characters of an object’s name, and then use the drop-down list of suggestions to ensure your formatting of the name precisely matches the database.