Dr Paul Leyland

Thanks Richard.

To be honest, the possibility of occultations had completely skipped my mind. This is probably because I have never tried observing one because I am not geared up for accurate timing on a cadence of several Hertz. Unfortunately there are no TNO occultations predicted for here until after I return to the UK.

(174567) Varda, (225088) Gonggong, (145452) 2005 RN43 and (50000) Quaoar are all reported by the MPC as having 3 variant orbits available with discrepancies between them of up to 3 arcsec though are also status 1. They are mag 20.2, 21.4, 19.9 and 18.9 respectively. (523692) 2014 EZ51 is status 4 and mag 21.5 right now.

Incidentally, why are TNOs et al. ordered by H in the Handbook? It would seem to me to be more useful for observers if they were ordered by opposition date or magnitude.