Occultations in the Lunar, and Asteroid Sections.

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Tim Haymes

Hi David

Lunar occultation times are sent to the IOTA European Collector with a copy to the Lunar Section. The collected and checked observations are made available to researchers in a database that can be read with free software (Occult4). Some of it is on VizieR.  http://vizier.u-strasbg.fr/viz-bin/VizieR

Asteroid Occultation observations ( sub-section of ARPS ) are collected in a similar way by IOTA (International Occultation Timing Association).  Observations are used to create asteroid profiles or accurate astrometry which is published yearly by researchers.  Timings are on the EURASTER.NET webpage.

The BAA Sections involved in occultation timing act as a conduit between amateur and professional.  By the same means research groups can request observations from the observing Sections.

Occultation observations are also published in the BAAJ, Lunar Section Circular, and the observing section webpages.

Best wishes,  Tim
(Occultation coordinator for Lunar Section, and the Asteroid and Remote Planets Section)

Asteroid and Remote Planets:  https://www.britastro.org/section_front/8
Lunar:    https://www.britastro.org/section_front/16
Asteroid results:  http://www.euraster.net/