Paper copies are easier on the eye

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Peter Gudgeon

I have electronic subscription only, mainly because I live abroad, and snail-mail here can vary from a few days until never. With  printed books/magazines I am much more likely to browse through them several times, whereas with an electronic copy it’s usually one initial read and that’s it unless there is a specific article that catches my eye.

On the other hand, the one or two magazines I do buy in printed form soon build up, then I’m told they make the place look untidy (!) so end up in the bin after a few months. With the pdf files I automatically save them to an archive and can easily recall them later (even when off-line). So while printed copies feel more comfortable, and preferable, the electronic versions are more practical in that within seconds I can read something mention in a copy a few years ago, long after the paper version would have been binned.