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John Thorpe

My view on S&T is that, along with nearly all the popular science magazines, it has certainly dumbed down over the years, and I cancelled my sub some 20 years ago.

However, as a teacher, always promoting astronomy wherever a chance presents, I am conscious of the fact that most students are not ready for the detail and depth of a publication like the BAA Journal. Sky and T gets it just about right for this level of interest. In fact I would argue that it does a better job than its competitors, and we currently use it in our school astro society.

 And I do enjoy a number of the articles, particularly the historical ones and the updates on space missions, which, not being able to get to BAA meetings regularly, have often escaped my attention.

One thing I find disappointing. Long time S&T readers will recall George Lovi’s centre spread sky charts, brilliantly drawn and clearly marked with RA / dec. None of the popular magazines now seem to include these. The book of Lovi’s sky maps is still, along with Nortons, my first port of call for checking unfamiliar skies.