Eric Watkins

Roger in many respects I’d agree, particularly if the whole set up was geared towards science rather than pretty picture imaging as many of the remote robotic private enterprises are.  I have some reservations with regard to schools etc they already have access to the Faulkes telescope set up.  There seems to be little available to the “scientific amateur astronomer”.  That said, some availability to schools, colleges and local astronomical societies could be used in attracting or supporting financial funding or grants, e.g. the national lottery grants.

The idea has apparently been mooted and discussed within the decision making circles of the BAA and been rejected.  An alternative could be to provide financial assistance to approved projects from members for time on remote robotic telescopes.  This has been done in the past, and I have received such  assistance for which I am grateful.  However, this facility has been suspended and left apparently dormant.

I note that the AAVSO has access to a number of professional observatories with reasonably sized telescopes; a route for variable star observers?