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    Nick James

    Just a reminder that the livestream of today’s AGM will be via our Youtube channel. The stream should come up sometime after 2pm with the meeting due to start at 2:30pm. This is our first face-to-face meeting since early 2020 so there might be a few technical gremlins but please bear with us if they occur. If you are watching on Youtube you can ask questions by typing them into the real-time comments. Someone at the meeting will read them out. Alternatively you can ask them here.

    For those coming to the meeting, the IoP have done a great job getting everything ready for us.

    Nick James
    Jeremy Shears

    Thanks Nick – working well

    Roger Dymock

    Setting up our  own robotic telescope in a good observing location with access for both members and e.g. schools would be a good use of our money in my view

    Jeremy Shears

    Nick – wanted to say that the presentation style is excellent – the way the speaker is shown, plus the slides. And the way the slide is expanded at times. Sound q very good too.

    Whilst it would be great to be there in person, it’s actually a really good experience watching remotely too.

    Jeremy Shears

    Superb meeting. The BAA at its best. Many thanks to everyone involve!

    Eric Watkins

    Roger in many respects I’d agree, particularly if the whole set up was geared towards science rather than pretty picture imaging as many of the remote robotic private enterprises are.  I have some reservations with regard to schools etc they already have access to the Faulkes telescope set up.  There seems to be little available to the “scientific amateur astronomer”.  That said, some availability to schools, colleges and local astronomical societies could be used in attracting or supporting financial funding or grants, e.g. the national lottery grants.

    The idea has apparently been mooted and discussed within the decision making circles of the BAA and been rejected.  An alternative could be to provide financial assistance to approved projects from members for time on remote robotic telescopes.  This has been done in the past, and I have received such  assistance for which I am grateful.  However, this facility has been suspended and left apparently dormant.

    I note that the AAVSO has access to a number of professional observatories with reasonably sized telescopes; a route for variable star observers?



    Nick James

    A lot of that is down to the IoP’s AV technician who did a fantastic job supporting us before and during the meeting.

    Andy Wilson

    I must admit to having mixed feelings about the BAA setting up a remote telescope. I’m torn as I think it is a fabulous idea but could easily go horribly wrong unless you have someone experienced in setting up remote observatories running the project. If such a person or even better a group of people could be found then I’d have much more confidence in such an endeavour.

    I wonder if a first step would be to partially or fully fund access to existing remote observatories for members. I think this existed in the past but I am unsure how well it was used. If that proved popular or couldn’t provide what members want such as a scientific photometry capability, then look at our own remote setup.

    Another thing to consider with a remote setup. It is not just getting it up and running and serviceable onsite. It is also setting up a way for members to access the telescope including time allocation. The existing providers have solved these problems.

    Unless anyone has any objections, I propose we move this into a thread on project proposals or remote observing, rather than under the heading of the “AGM Livestream”. I can have a go at sorting a switch early next week.

    Best wishes,


    Daryl Dobbs

    I enjoyed the you tube video stream and look forward to the next one. Well done to all who made this possible, I hope this will continue for future meetings 

    Gary Poyner

    I echo all the sentiments here.   An excellent meeting, top quality video, sound levels perfect and very well presented.

    Well done to all involved.


    Alan Thomas

    I watched a recording of the AGM here in the wilds of Warrington this morning/afternoon. A good experience.

    Thanks to all the people who put in the hard work to run the Association and to the organisers of the live stream.

    Excellent presentations on the various topics too.


    Michael O’Connell

    Many thanks for the recording. Great to watch the event.

    Massive thanks also to all those involved in running the Association. I know the last couple of years in particular have been challenging for a number of reasons, so massive thanks to you all for your tireless efforts.


    Nick Hewitt

    I had fully intended to be there in person – I had a ticket!- but was “inconvenienced”. So it was marvellous to join by Zoom, the quality was excellent and the event most enjoyable.

    John Thorpe

    I should like to add my thanks for the YouTube recording of the AGM, which I greatly enjoyed. All these live streams and recordings over the last year or more have been great for me, living as I do in the far outpost of Western Australia. It is always great to keep up with things in the Journal but actually to watch the meetings is almost as good as actually being there.

    Thanks to all involved in implementing this excellent enterprise.

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