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William Bristow

Hi Nick

Just to verify, as I may have read your last post incorrectly, or the Pulsar external-force-shutter-close mod may have changed.

On my controller, you don’t supply a 12V signal into the Pulsar control box in order that the shutter is forced to close, you simply close the circuit with an external potential-free relay contact.

IOW, you simply bridge together the pair of lines leaving the Pulsar unit (on mine it’s a BNC socket as in the image below). If I open the shutter from the rotation unit touch-panel and then temporarily connect a piece of wire between the inner connector and the outer shield of the BNC socket that will trigger the shutter to close.

The AAG, Boltwood, Hydreon RG-11 etc, all have a pair of built-in potential free relay contacts that close when it’s raining, or otherwise weather unsafe, and those contacts complete the return path for the BNC socket you don’t need to feed in an external voltage.

It might be that Mathew Player at Elecsoft has changed the design of the external shutter-close mod since I had my unit modified, or offers a choice of internal or external signal source and your model has a built-in isolation relay inside the Pulsar control box, in which case your description above would be correct.

(For reliability an internal relay in the controller that you feed in an external 12V to operate might be a better method than mine since it is less likely to be prone to false triggering from interference on the cable run out to the rain detector).

To be certain I would recommend you contact Mathew and verify what is needed for your unit, with my one, if I fed in an external 12V it would damage the controller, all I do is bridge the BNC socket connections with a pair of external relay contacts and that triggers the shutter to close. Better to be safe and ask rather than risk damaging the controller.