Python 3.7 is still supported

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Dominic Ford

Welcome to the wonderful world of Python, where specific versions are only supported for a couple of years before programmers are expected to update all the code they’ve ever written to run in a newer language version.

However, the good news is that Python 3.7 isn’t dead yet (it’s supported until 2023), and I believe Anaconda still support it too.

It’s just that the Anaconda website is entirely unhelpful. If you download the current installer — the one Anaconda tell you is Python 3.8 — and then you follow the completely incomprehensible instructions here: <> then you can use it to create a Python 3.7 installation.

In case you are not a fluent speaker of gobbledygook, and need somebody to translate the Anaconda website into English for you… there’s a StackOverflow thread here where somebody has asked a question very similar to yours, and the comments explain exactly what commands you need to type to get a Python 3.7 installation…