Radius Estimation of VV Cep´s disk

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  Dear Ernst,

   Very interesting campaign, which could be abbreviated as VV CEC 2017-19.

 For this year observation highlights are the first contact,  expected around August 4th and the second contact around October 27th. For the period July/August/September the constellation will be well placed to do HR (R>10.000) spectroscopy. So I could  already do some preliminary tests to check the baseline behaviour with a LHIRES and also a SQUES echelle spectrograph. Currently we are in the middle of garden/observatory renovations, so I hope my observatory will be fully operational again in the first part of May.

 I wondered if there is (or will be) a video animation/computer simulation  available to show the movements of both components of VV Cephei together with an impression of the movements of the accretion disk based on the actual knowledge?

Kind regards,