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Grant Privett

Finally got some quality time with the Celestron 11″ RASA. The attached image is M81 and M82 – though I rather suspect you all knew that. I used a venerable Starlight H18 for 15 unguided 60s frames last night. The focus was a little off – my fault not the scope – and also the camera body is not properly aligned with the focal plane after some changes made to ensure it worked with a Canon lens adaptor. So, this pretty much suggests that someone doing the job properly will get quite a nice result.

I liked the focuser, the quality of the images and the speed of the system, but it has made it very clear I need to sort out the cable mess I have before I go much further. I’m not used to wires coming of the scope front – not after using a RC for a while.

I tried deleting one of the images but lost both, so two it is…