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Posted by Paul A Brierley at 19:49 on 2011 Jul 12

Do you want to use this with you’re 8" CPC? Or are you after an alternative?Firstly, if you wanted to use it with you’re current set up. Then you can buy an Equatorial wedge. This will then convert you’re existing Alt/Az mounted SCT, into an equatorial, and it will then be suitable for photography.But if you wanted to just use a DSLR then the Astrotrac is easier. is an updated version of the tried and tested, barn-door mount and is very simple to set up and use.If have not done any astro-imaging before. Then I would recommend buying one of these first and see how you get on. Have a look at there gallery page and you can see for your self, just how versatile the Astrotrac is.