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Posted by Paul A Brierley at 19:29 on 2012 Aug 12

Myself together with four members from Macc As. Were watching on Friday night.SQM 23.1, NLM 5.6. Milky Way through Cygnus was very clear, together with NGC7000 and IC1396 in Cepheus.We counted around six meteors between 22:30hrs and 00:00hrs bst. One particularly bright -4 meteor, that I missed, was observed shooting through Cygnus.I was trying to make notes but we had a gale blowing, making writing things down very difficult. I gave up and just enjoyed the spectacle. We also had two very good passes of the ISS. That object is now the brightest man-made object in the sky. And show’s a distinct none circular shape through 10×50 glasses.