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Posted by Roy Hughes at 10:01 on 2013 Oct 28

Curiouser and curiouser. This morning it is working fine, maybe the overnight storm shook somthing loose!!! Yes, compatibility view was enabled (why, I don’t know… Microsoft?) but toggling it on and off seems to make no obvious difference to my display. I’ve removed the baa from the compatibility list anyway.Still, it’s working now and thats the main thing.Ta, for the help.Roy.PS: The compatibility setting DOES cause the problem… but the browser needs to be re-loaded for it to show up again. It also seems to upset the "Remember me" part of the Login. I found that I was in the list of online members on the forum pages (and flashing Online box) but no ‘Welcome …’ on the Home page and I could not add to this post without re-logging in. Computers are wonderful strange, are they not!