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    Posted by Roy Hughes at 09:52 on 2011 May 27

    Callum,The BAA home page width has expanded again.On my display only the :: of the Login button is visible on screen.This time I did check I had 100% magnification set on IE 8 at my normal 1024*768 display resolution.Hope you can sort this out again.Roy Hughes


    Posted by Callum Potter at 21:19 on 2011 May 27

    Roy sent me some screenshots offline, and I was able to determine the problem is at least partly due to IE which was not wrapping the text of a long url in the Chat Box. Firefox and Chrome both wrapped the text so that it did not affect the page width. To solve it i deleted the chat post (sorry Paul).If anyone wants to post long url’s in the chat, then it might be better to use a tinyurl.Thanks, Callum


    Posted by Gary Poyner at 12:13 on 2011 May 28

    Although I don’t use IE, I did download the new version (IE 9) and couldn’treproduce Roy’s problem. IE 9 did seem to wrap the text in the chat box, andfitted the screen nicely.Gary


    Posted by Roy Hughes at 16:56 on 2011 May 28

    Unfortunatly IE 9 won’t run on Windows XP. Looks like I’m going to have to make some room on my hard drive and download Firefox!Roy


    Posted by Roy Hughes at 10:18 on 2013 Oct 27

    Guess what, the BAA homepage has expanded yet again!This time it’s about twice the width of my display.It loads at about the right size, but then the centre column instantly expands and pushes the right hand column off the screen entirely.On further checking it seems that it is the border between the centre and right hand columns that has expanded, not the centre column itself.I’m still using IE 8 at 1024*768 on Win XP etc as before.Any thoughts?


    Posted by David Basey at 12:40 on 2013 Oct 27

    Roy,Although I’m using IE9 and Vista and a different screen resolution I can recreate your problem by clicking the ‘Compatibility View’ icon in the top right of the browser screen. With it off the homepage is fine, with it turned on the rightmost column heads off the screen.In fact if I drop the screen resolution to match yours the result appears to mimic your problem exactly.Might be worth trying the Compatibility View icon to see if it makes any difference.David.


    Posted by D A Dunn at 17:52 on 2013 Oct 27

    I note the page is OK with Firefox on both XP and Windows 7.David


    Posted by Roy Hughes at 10:01 on 2013 Oct 28

    Curiouser and curiouser. This morning it is working fine, maybe the overnight storm shook somthing loose!!! Yes, compatibility view was enabled (why, I don’t know… Microsoft?) but toggling it on and off seems to make no obvious difference to my display. I’ve removed the baa from the compatibility list anyway.Still, it’s working now and thats the main thing.Ta, for the help.Roy.PS: The compatibility setting DOES cause the problem… but the browser needs to be re-loaded for it to show up again. It also seems to upset the "Remember me" part of the Login. I found that I was in the list of online members on the forum pages (and flashing Online box) but no ‘Welcome …’ on the Home page and I could not add to this post without re-logging in. Computers are wonderful strange, are they not!

    Roy Hughes

    The homepage has expanded again with the new website.

    What screen size is the new website targeted at??


    Nick James


    I get a scroll bar on my browser when its width is less than 1100 pixels. I guess this is the targeted page width.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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