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Posted by Gary Poyner at 10:20 on 2011 Jun 06

Hi Paul,I use AIP4WIN, although there are others available (Maxim DL) to which I am totally ignorant. Others may wish to comment here.Yes it’s fairly easy to do (using AIP), but there are pitfalls of course, as in most things. I had 30 minutes tuition from Jeremy Shears at a VS meeting a few years ago, and that was all I needed (a good teacher though). I was a complete novice, being a visual observer for all of my observing life. If you decide to go that way, then there are plenty of people in the BAA VS community who will gladly help you out should you need it. And you can include me in that.Joining TA is a two way thing, and your submitted observations/images will be of benefit to ‘TA’ as well as ‘TA’ being of benefit to your observing. There! Never one to miss a sales pitch :-)Gary